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News: Panelists champion careers in social good

October 17th, 2012

Everyone wants to make money in their career, but many of us also want to have the biggest effect possible on the world. We seek out ways to do good as well as live good using our work and enterprise as the engine for the good.

They panel discussion from Yale holds some interesting thoughts about how to engage in social good while also being good to your career and life.

Panelists champion careers in social good

For all Yale students considering investment banking, Doug Hausladen ’04 has a message for you: Do not go to the dark side.

The undergraduate organization Net Impact hosted an event to launch its organization on Tuesday that aimed to inspire Yale students to explore the field of social enterprise — or socially-conscious entrepreneurship. The panel included Hausladen, Ward 7 Alderman and the co-founder of ActualFood; Barry Nalebuff, co-founder of Honest Tea and professor at the Yale School of Management; Maxim Thorne LAW ‘92, former vice president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Cary Krosinsky, senior vice president of TruCost; and Kate Cooney, an SOM professor. At the talk, the speakers explored their definitions of social enterprise and suggested an alternative to traditional careers in business or non-profits.

Yale social good

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