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Archive for February, 2009

CareerCamp: Presenting yourself well on paper – Rosanne Welch

February 26th, 2009 Comments off

Television writer and college professor, Rosanne Welch, speaks on Presenting yourself well on paper for CareerCamp Online 2009.


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CareerCamp: Podcasting for Business – Dean Jensen

February 26th, 2009 Comments off

SOHO Tech Podcast’s Library Seminar Series – Podcasting for Business


Member of  the Blubrry Network –

Library Seminar Series – Podcasting for Business

This class was held on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at  Chisago Lakes Regional Library


Link to the Power Point Presentation from this class

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Voice Mail: (651) 204-6612
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CareerCamp: Al Isago Parvez/Leo Garramone – A Career You Can Believe In

February 25th, 2009 1 comment

Al Isago Parvez and Leo Garramone of Advance Inc., Tokyo, Japan present A Career You Can Believe In

Al Parvez and Leo Garramone

Listen to A Career You Can Believe In


Al Isago Parvez

CEO & Representative Director of Advance Inc.

Native New Yorker and Executive Recruiter in Tokyo, Japan focusing on sourcing business professionals in the IT, Consumer Goods / Luxury Brand and Pharmaceutical industries for positions in Japan and Asia since 1995. Specializing in recruiting for C-level positions and mid-career hiring at multi-national corporations and startups.

17 years of living experience in Japan.
14 years of experience in executive search.
11 years of management experience at Advance Inc.

Leo GarramoneConsultant at Advance Inc.

Native New Yorker with corporate experience with emphasis in the following: Due Diligence, Crisis and Risk Management, Business Continuity Planning, Event Security, Fire and Safety, Vendor Reviews, Security Assessments, Project Management, Information Security and Investigations. Specializing in recruiting for C-level, IT security specialists, accounting and HR professionals.

• 5 years experience in Law Enforcement with emphasis in General Crimes, Frauds, Computer Crimes and Protective Service.
• 10 years of regional experience within Asia.
• 12 years of leadership experience in training and mentoring subordinates.
• 13 years of operations experience.

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News: SBA Upgrades Podcasting for Small Business Owners

February 24th, 2009 1 comment

In the CareerCamp Online talk with Andrea McClain, she mentioned the various government resources available to small busisness owners. Today, I saw this notice come through my Google Alerts for podcasting and wanted to share it with you.

SBA Upgrades Podcasting for Small Business Owners

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The U.S. Small Business Administration has upgraded its podcasts to offer additional resources to the nation’s entrepreneurs. Business owners can take advantage of this and other business resources from the SBA to help them more effectively manage their firms, including free online training courses and other business tools and resources.

The SBA podcasts, available online at, provide an introduction to a variety of small business topics, and provide useful business information and advice.

The newest podcast topics include Marketing to the Federal Government, Getting Your Small Business Ready for Tax Season and Online Reporting of Employee Wages. Existing podcasts for entrepreneurs are Is Entrepreneurship for You and Checklist for Starting a Business. New podcasts will be added regularly to provide insight and tips on such topics as downshifting in a slowing economy, going green and business plan development, along with programs for veterans and information to help entrepreneurs start, grow and succeed.

Each podcast delivers a broadcast quality recording that can now be downloaded through RSS feeds, in addition to portable media players and personal computers. RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing Web content, such as podcasts, that provides an easy way to keep up with news and information, and avoids searching for information on Web sites. It benefits readers who want to subscribe to timely updates that can be directly delivered. The content, known as a feed, can be read using a readily available RSS reader.

The podcasts are less than 10 minutes in length and feature expert interviews from government, industry and business professionals. SBA podcasts and other resources can be accessed online at

Release Number: 09-12

U.S. Small Business Administration
Cecelia Taylor, 202-401-3059

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CareerCamp: Douglas E. Welch on A Year of Leadership

February 23rd, 2009 Comments off

Douglas E. Welch presents on A Year of Leadership to CareerCamp Online 2009.

iPod Ready Video

CareerCamp: JoAnn Braheny on Creativity and Your Career

February 23rd, 2009 Comments off

Join us for CareerCamp Online 2009 – Feb 21- Mar 1

JoAnn Braheny – Creativity and Your Career – Mon, Feb 23

JoAnn Braheny from Goosing your Muse presents on Creativity and Your Career.

iPod Ready Video

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CareerCamp: Andrea McClain: Starting and running a independent coffee bar

February 22nd, 2009 Comments off

A conversation with Andrea McClain, owner of M Street Coffee in Sherman Oaks, California. Recorded for CareerCamp Online 2009, a virtual unconference hosted at


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Join us at CareerCamp Online 2009!

February 20th, 2009 Comments off

Join us at CareerCamp Online 2009!

Career Opportunities podcast logoIn lieu of a regular column this week, I invite you all to join us at CareerCamp Online 2009. This week-long, online, unconference gives us the opportunity to share our career knowledge, tips and questions.

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Recently on the Career Opportunities Community Site

February 19th, 2009 Comments off
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Archive: No Simple Answers – January 13, 2006

February 18th, 2009 Comments off

(This podcast is pulled “from the archives” and presented here as a service to more recent listeners — Douglas)

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February 21, 2009 – March 1, 2009

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If you haven’t figured it out already, or are still wishing it were true, let me be the first to tell you, there are no simple answers, especially when it comes to your high-tech career. Life would be a great deal easier if there were simple answers to all the issues we face, but good times come and go and we can only acknowledge the cycle and make the best decisions possible at the time. Recriminations over lost opportunities will do you no good. You must make your decisions and live with the consequences.

A bit harsh? Perhaps, but this realization also offers a sense of freedom. We are free of all the decisions we have made in the past. We need not concern ourselves with these decisions, only the decisions yet to come.

I started thinking about decisions a few days ago when I was answering a flurry of questions that came in from Career-Op readers. Each career offers its unique questions and problems, but I try to provide whatever guidance and advice I can offer. Still, I understand that I cannot make decisions for other high-tech careerists. I only have a limited understanding of all the conflicting issues in their lives and careers. I often counsel people to search for a new job, but often, due to family commitments, lack of training or geographical location, they face considerable adversity. On the surface, “get a new job” is a simple answer, but it is fraught with conflicts and issues.

We can quickly become discouraged when we realize that a simple answer like this is far more complex than we first thought. By our very nature, we want simple answers, simple solutions to our problems. I am unsure why our psyches set us up for such failures, but it seems universally true. Lacking simple answers, we often retreat from the large decisions in our lives. We stay in a job we hate. We don’t investigate that new career that interests us. We find the path too difficult and simply stop trying to find any answers at all. This is the trap that simple answers bring.

Instead of becoming trapped when you can’t find the simple answers, you need to take it as a sign that this is path worth following. Nothing important happens in your career or your life without conflict. Even a stroke of luck, like winning the lottery, brings a host of issues with it. Adversity is the signpost of new growth and new opportunities. Don’t ignore it.

Once you recognize this adversity, your goal is not to find a new job or tolerate your old job. You new goal is to find a way over, under or around, the adversity you are facing. Even if a new job doesn’t present itself, you will learn new skills, meet new people, explore new worlds. Sometimes we can forget that even in the midst of a fight we are still growing, still learning. While the result might not be exactly what you are seeking, you will have grown in many ways.

So, maybe there is a simple answer after all. Maybe the answer is to keep seeking and keep striving for the job and career you want, regardless of the adversity you face. You might take baby steps for months or years, but eventually you will find a chink in the wall, a hole in the fence of adversity and you will find a way through. Your goal may be fleeting and just outside your grasp, but you are still growing every day.

The only true failure in a high-tech career is to stop trying. Of course, accepting your fate, giving up, swallowing your pride are simple answers in themselves. It can be very simple to give up. It can be all too easy sometimes. Still, I believe that no one should ever feel they need to give up. Every one of you has the intelligence and skills to move steadily upwards into better jobs and careers. The only person who can trap you in a bad job, a stalled career or a diminished life is you. As individuals, we have so much power over our lives— even the power to limit our own opportunities and success. We might find it easy to blame others for our fate, but others only have a fraction of the power that we have over ourselves.

Simple answers? Maybe they do exist, but like cheap toys, they don’t really satisfy you. They only limit you and prevent you from accomplishing great things in your career and your life.

Question of the Week: What simple answers have you accepted that are limiting your career?

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