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[Tip] No one GIVES you a job, you EARN it!

April 3rd, 2012

This photo is great, but as a career professional, I take great issue with the text.

Give job

Photo: David Kokua

It says…

Can you code?
If yes…
My Daddy wants to give you a job!
(emphasis mine)

This is wrong!

No one GIVES you a job….you EARN it!

When you talk about GIVING someone a job, it shows a deep misunderstanding of the work world. Unfortunately, it is also a deeply ingrained bias. Employers like to think they are GIVING someone a job like some great benefactor. Instead they should be looking for partners. People who care as much about their company and their work as they do. To start off a relationship with the concept of GIVING someone a job sets entirely the wrong tone.

Despite the economy, workers have many more options today than they have ever had in the past. With all things being equal, workers would much rather work WITH someone than work FOR someone. This is very important — and will grow even more important — in the years to come. The next time you are trying to fill an open position at your company, drop the patronizing attitude of GIVING someone a job and you might just find someone amazing to work WITH you.Together you can achieve great things.


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