What I’m Reading…Read This Before Our Next Meeting

I am reading this book, for free, courtesy of Seth Godin’s Domino Project and their sponsors. It looks as if that deal has expired, but the book is worth checking out. — Douglas

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Read This Before Our Next Meeting

by Al Pittampalli

One mediocre meeting after another quietly corrodes our organization, and every day we allow it to happen. Culture change occurs when a transformational idea spreads to enough people. Like a virus that makes its way from person to person, spreading exponentially faster, so can the Modern Meeting. The status quo must go. Now. Before it’s too late. 1. Meet only to support a decision that has already been made. 2. Move fast. End on schedule. 3. Limit the number of attendees. 4. Reject the unprepared. 5. Produce committed action plans. 6. Refuse to be informational. Read the memo, it’s mandatory. 7. Work with brainstorms, not against them. CUT THIS OUT AND BRING IT TO OUR NEXT MEETING.

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