Elsewhere Online: Does Having Passion for Your Work Even Matter?

I have written about the intrinsic need for passion in your work over the years and it is good to see someone else addressing the topic. He has several good reasons passion is important. One reason the author doesn’t state is one of my favorites…

“You cannot do your BEST work unless you are passionate about what you are doing. You can do GOOD work, maybe even GREAT work, but never your BEST work. Your best work arises from the belief that you are doing something that really matters to both those around you and the world at large.”

You can read more about my thoughts on career and passion in this past Career Opportunities column, What are you selling to your employer from September 19, 2009.

Does Having Passion for Your Work Even Matter?

What good is passion? I mean, really, besides making for a more fun way to spend your day, what good is it? Does passion really matter, or is it just self-indulgent fluff? It’s probably no surprise that my opinion is, yes, it absolutely matters! Here are several reasons why passion is one of the best investments in your career that you can make:

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