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I must admit that when I was studying for my communications degree I often laughed at the seeming silliness of it all. Surely everyone knows how to communicate properly, right? Well, as we all find as we grow older, no, many people DON’T communicate very well and some even try to communicate poorly. Here are some tips that made me think again about my academic communication training. – Douglas

Explain things simply – by Andrew Yeung

Explain things simply - by Andrew Yeung

Sometimes, less is more, and shorter, direct statements are more impactful. This can be true for both written or spoken prose.

Explaining things simply, and communicating concepts well is a massively underrated skill in today’s business environment.

School teaches us that more = better, and as a result, we’ve learned to minimize white-space and maximize word count. But in reality — we face real constraints like limited headspace, time, and attention.

Aim to maximize signal — minimize noise.

Here are 5 ideas I’ve learned over the course of my career on how to explain things more simply:

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