Noted: Public Gardens and Social Media from Garden Rant

Public Gardens and Social Media from Garden Rant
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

For my new volunteer project promoting DC’s public gardens, the focus is on images, using them to create videos, but then what? Just a slide show? I think not, because Pinterest and Instagram are hot-hot-hot and gardens are uniquely suited to visuals, to say the least.

The research on marketing with Pinterest is consistent – beautiful photos are all-important. But then I asked garden writers who use Pinterest and they went farther, telling me that gardeners want more – “added value,” like Pinterest boards that teach. Kat White suggested using “Great ideas for winter interest from XYZ Garden,” and photos that show the benefits of visiting a garden. So we’d show people relaxing, learning, and admiring the flowers – just what Professor Benfield’s research on garden tourism -has shown works to attract visitors.

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