Garden Decor: Acorn Wind Chime

Acorn Wind Chime

I have always liked wind chimes in my garden and I have several there already. That said, this acorn wind chime caught my attention on Pinterest today. I like its simplicity and I can imagine the single clear tone it would create. I like the colors, as well. I have never been one for bright colors in the garden, beyond the flowers themselves, of course.


Source: via Walpole Outdoors on Pinterest

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2 Responses to “Garden Decor: Acorn Wind Chime”

  1. Gladys Odom says:

    It is indeed a very simple one which I like so much because I am also a simpe person. I love simple things because I believe that there is beauty in simplicity. Got to have one of these at home.

  2. Amy says:

    That looks really pretty. I like it! I love to decorate my garden. I have a birdhouse mansion in my garden. It’s really stunning.