The annual Tomatomania events are scheduled and information is posted to their web site. Check out the events in your area and start planning what you might like to plant this year! — Douglas




The season we’ve been waiting (and waiting…) for.

SoCal ‘Maniacs, our event schedule starts this week (March 8-10) at Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar, then on to Encinitas and the San Diego Botanic Garden (March 16/17) before rallying at Tapia Brothers Farm Stand in Encino on March 22-24. If you haven’t checked in on the website please do that soon to get the extended schedule that includes West LA, La Canada, Fillmore, Sonoma, Ojai and others! We don’t want to miss you.

We’re making preparations for new sales this year in Laguna Beach, Orange County, Santa Barbara/Goleta and Menlo Park, so stay tuned. And Minnesota. Yes, Minnesota. Very exciting.

AND… as the West Coast revs up and begins to plant I’ll run out to the East Coast to speak at the Philadelphia Flower Show. While ‘maniacs out there can’t plant until later in the spring, we’ll talk all about prep and what to do in the meantime when Tomatomania hits the show Tuesday March 5. My presentation is at 4pm. Maybe I’ll see some of you there as this year’s show, BRILLIANT!, salutes British gardens and gardeners.

It’ll be a BIG season. Here’s hoping it rains on WEDNESDAYS (!) this year. : ) See you soon.

Link: Tomatomania Web Site and Schedule

Here is a video I shot with Scott Daigre in 2011 at the Tapia Bros Location of Tomatomania near my home.

Photos from 2011 event

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