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February 2011

Possible Frost in Van Nuys tonight

The National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory overnight for our area of the San Fernando Valley. I already see temperatures dipping into the upper 30’s, although I still show 41° here in my garden at the moment. (11:11pm) Several years ago we had some fairly severe damage after several nights of freezing temperatures. […]

Photo: Cyclamen in pot by front steps

Cyclamen in pot by front steps, originally uploaded by dewelch. A friend brought us this cyclamen more than a year ago. It eventually ended up planed in this large terracotta pot by the front steps. Keeping pots moist over the summer months is an almost impossible job, so I figured we had killed this one, […]

I Like This – February 25, 2011

A collection of career items I found interesting this week. Group grow the Community Container Garden – February 24, 2011 – This is great idea. Sort of like reading the same book at the same time, except you will be growing the same plants at the same time. I might have to steal this idea […]

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You can subscribe to Career Opportunities via Email and receive each new post and podcast in your Inbox. Subscribe to A Gardener’s Notebook via Email Read more on this topic: Top Gardeners Notebook Posts for 2010 Gardening Gift Guide # 3: The 3,000 Mile Garden: An Exchange of Letters Between Two Eccentric Gourmet Gardeners I […]

Photo: Daffodils at Sunset

Spring is coming…I promise! You need no more proof than these lovely daffodils. You might notice that some of these are already fading, as they have been blooming for over 2 weeks now. I promise that the snow will eventually melt — the bulbs will emerge (if they haven’t already) and before you know it […]

Event: Tomatomania 2011 – Encino – March 25-27

It is almost time for Tomatomania again. This yearly event with both California and New England locations kicks off the growing season with tomato seedlings in hundreds of varieties, from heirloom to modern hybrids. We are lucky in that one of the major locations is within a mile of our house and garden, so it […]

Evergreens of all sorts

  One nice thing about our garden is that we have a host of evergreen trees and shrubs, so even during the winter the garden still looks pretty green. Of course, with our wonky rain cycle, Winter is usually the greener part of the year anyway. It is the summer months that turn everything brown. […]

Male pollen cones on black pine

Male cones on Black PIne (?), originally uploaded by dewelch. I believe this tree is a black pine, as it was planted as part of the original Japanese theming of the gardens. The previous owners had many Japanese garden plants and decorative elements, but we have reverted the garden to mainly a tiny woodland environment. […]

…and the wind does blow

…and the wind does blow, originally uploaded by dewelch. No wind today. It was a gorgeous day with white puffy clouds and blue skies. Instead of gardening, though, we went to the local archery range and park for a little practice with our local SCA group. We concentrated mainly on throwing knives and axes, a […]

Waiting for spring

Waiting for spring, originally uploaded by dewelch. Took a few cold minutes between the raindrops to grab some picture of the garden. This older watering can was left out and ended up gathering a bit of rain to use later. I have thought about installing some rain barrels int he garden, but the work and […]