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Monday, November 12, 2007

Elsewhere Online: Ever wondered what was in your computer?

Exploded computerWhat a great learning tool...and it works, too!

Ever wonder what was concealed behind the sleek walls of your computer. These folks have pinned all the parts to a wall so you can see it all.

PC is Stark Naked, But Safe For Work [All Nude]

The computer has no clothes, nor does it even have a case protecting all of those delicate electronic components. In a variation of that crazy case mod we showed you last month with a working PC exploded into a strange midair view, this one takes an approach that's even more whimsical. Each of its parts is neatly attached to the wall, and labeled so that passersby might know exactly what is what. In fact, it's downright educational. Sure, it's got Intel outside, but if you want to know what else was used to build this working PC, all you need to do is read the labels in the gallery below.

(Via Gizmodo.)


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