Gift Guide 2013: Killer Ratings by Lisa Seidman


I am a big fan of mysteries, so when our friend Lisa Seidman came out with her first book (Killer Ratings) I knew I had to take a look. Lisa is a longtime television writer and a great one at that, so I expect the best from Killer Ratings and look forward to new episodes in the series.

You can find out more about Lisa Seidman at her personal web site. Look for updates on the Killer Ratings web site and also Like Killer Ratings on the Facebook page.

Here is some more information about Killer Ratings…

Description: Killer Ratings by Lisa Seidman

Los Angeles is no stranger to glamour, celebrity . . . and murder. When Susan Kaplan moves to L.A. to become a TV writer, she’s thrilled to be hired as a writers’ assistant on the well-regarded but low-rated TV series Babbitt & Brooks. The last thing she expects, however, is that she’d find herself working for the beautiful yet seriously neurotic Rebecca Saunders, the show’s less-than-competent associate producer who may or may not have gotten the job by sleeping with Babbitt & Brooks’ demanding creator and executive producer, Ray Goldfarb.

And Susan definitely doesn’t expect to find murdered Rebecca’s body in her office at the studio early one morning. When the police learn that Rebecca torpedoed Susan’s writing career shortly before her death, Susan becomes their number one suspect. Determined to prove her innocence and find the murderer, Susan discovers that all her colleagues have secrets they would kill to protect.

From producers to writers to stars, it seems that the hopes and dreams of nearly everyone associated with the show were being threatened by Rebecca.

Despite the danger to her own life, Susan remains determined to find Rebecca’s killer and in the process unmasks the dirty little secrets behind the making of a primetime television series. She learns that real life behind the camera is far more dramatic than the fictional one in front of it. Lisa Seidman draws on her thirty years of experience as a successful television writer to take the reader behind the scenes and show how the struggle to achieve high ratings truly can lead to murder.  

What people are saying about Killer Ratings…

“A delightful expose of what goes on behind the glamor, the perfect smiles and the adoring fans. Lisa Seidman’s KILLER RATINGS tells it all. Be prepared to be entertained, thrilled and chilled as Susan realizes her dream to work in a TV production company. It is a dream that soon becomes a nightmare.” – Novelist Claire McNab

“Lisa Seidman weaves together vivid characters, delightful mystery, and the wry wit of a true TV insider to create a delicious tale of reckless ambition and literal and figurative backstabbing that will not only entertain you, but change your relationship with your television forever.” Sheryl J. Anderson, Killer Heels

“Fascinating. Fast-paced. Fun. Emmy winning scriptwriter Lisa Seidman’s debut mystery goes backstage at a TV production company where pride, passion, and peril lead to Killer Ratings. A Killer Mystery.” Carolyn Hart, author of the Death on Demand series

“Take an edgy TV production team, add a sprinkling of fierce ambition and finish off with a large handful of paranoia and you have the perfect setting for murder. TV writer Lisa Seidman, who’s been on that set, skillfully does it all in Killer Ratings. Annette Meyers, author of the Death on Demand series

“In Killer Ratings, Lisa Seidman, a television writer herself, provides a thrill ride through the ambition-ridden and ego saturated world of TV production, where there is more death and drama behind the camera than in front of it.” Sue Ann Jaffarian, author of the Odelia Grey mysteries and the Ghost of Granny Apples mysteries  

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