Book: East to Adonia

Our friend, Jenny Bellington, has just released her first book, East to Adonia. It is available in paperback and Kindle editions. Take a look!

From the publisher:

“Our surprise release this week is a personal favorite. ZOVA Books welcomes Jenny Bellington’s debut novel and the first in her Mapmaker series. East to Adonia (Kindle edition here) is a rip-roaring children’s fantasy novel following the adventures of 12-year-old mapmaking genius, Mercator Robinson, as he finds himself dropped onto the fantastical island of Adonia. Our young hero must face the magic and mystery of this new world while trying to find a way home again – and to survive until he can. This is a book for brave children and grown-ups alike. With brilliant illustrations from Jenny and Trish Bellington, this is a perfect book for both reading aloud or curling up in a quiet corner. We are so excited to launch this, our first children’s book, as a testament to the power of imagination and creativity. Thank you, Jenny.”

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