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Photo: Fig harvest from our large volunteer tree

Fig harvest from our large volunteer tree, originally uploaded by dewelch. We are getting 10-15 figs a day from this volunteer (well, bird-seeded) fig tree in the back garden. It s behind our little garden shed. This is good because it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but bad because it wants to reach […]

Photo: Plums (Italian: pruna/susina) with ash from Mount Etna

Plums (Italian: pruna/susina), originally uploaded by dewelch. Here are some lovely, tiny, plums that were growing in our cousins garden in Sicily. Such a nice little mouthful, although it did have some fairly large seeds inside. Juicy as all get out, too. That “dirt” you see on the leaves is actually sabbia, or ash, from […]

Book Review: Garden of Secrets Past by Anthony Eglin

Book Review: Garden of Secrets Past by Anthony Eglin: An English Garden MysteryMinotaur Books, 2011 I have been a big fan of Anthony Eglin’s books since reading the first English Garden Mystery, The Blue Rose. He caught me immediately with his protagonist, Lawrence Kingston, who was a learned and avid gardener as well as a […]

Seedlings have exploded!

It is quite amazing what can happen in 3 weeks while you are away traveling. The small basil and tomato seedlings I left behind jumped dramatically under the care of our friends who were housesitting. Here is what they looked liked just before we left. Here is the basil now… (upper left in above photo) […]

Photo: Fresh almonds in a Sicilian garden

There are some food experiences you can only have if you grow your own and I was introduced to another one a few days ago on our last days in Sicily with family. I had noticed and photographed these almonds growing on Serafino’s tree earlier. A few days ago, though, I noticed that the pods […]

Photo: Olives near Morgantina, Sicily

Olives, originally uploaded by dewelch. Morgantina is an ancient Greek city her on the island of Sicily. It was taken over by the Romans in 211 BC. Substantial ruins remain and we toured them the other day. In the parking lot, the major patch of shade on this extremely hot day was provided by this […]

Photo: Sicily Chestnuts at a history-laden farmhouse and orchard

Yesterday we spent most of the day on the south slope of Mount Etna (Mongibello in Italian and Muncibeddu in Sicilian) at the 100+ year old farmhouse of a family member. It isn’t inhabited full time anymore, but remains a vacation house for a variety of family members that own part of the property. Over the last […]

Espresso Cups planted with small cacti

Our cousin, Vito in Regalbuto, does some wonderful plantings, including bonsai olive trees. Here, he has made great use of the traditional cups used for coffee in the ubiquitous Sicilian bars that are on nearly every corner. I love the effect gained by massing a bunch of these together on a shelf. I think it […]

Photo: Pears on the garden

Our cousin, Serafino, grows some amazing fruit in his garden, including these wonderful pears. This even during construction of a new house practically on top of his garden for his daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren. Things are in quite a state with construction equipment and supplies everywhere, but the garden still continues. It is always […]

Photo: Daniela in her balcony garden

Apartments can be quite small in Sicily, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful garden. Our relatives love fruit and but trees but also love having tons of flowers about. These pictures of from Daniela’s balcony garden in Nicolosi, Sicily.   Read more on this topic: Photos from Sicily: Vinca Photo: Acanthus Flowers […]