While my wife was working on a project with a friend, I decided to walk around their neighborhood to see what I could see. Here are the photos that resulted. I have a couple of unidentified items that I could use your help with, though. Here are those photos and a link to a slide show of the complete collection of photos from the walk.

Can you identify either of these two plants? Please leave a comment!

 Unknown - Please help idenitify

Unknown - Please help idenitify

Lovely Apple Blossoms on the walk

Apple Blossom


2 thoughts on “Photos: In the neighborhood…An impromptu photo walk in Studio City, CA and some help identifying 2 plants”

  1. Hi, Douglas —

    I am fairly certain that the first photo (with the red flowers) is Leptospermum scoparium, which is commonly known as Australian Tea Tree plant. It is very different from the other plant commonly known as “Tea Tree” — Melaleuca alternafolia.

    The second flower I do not recognize. It looks a bit like an upright Bleeding Heart flower, and also a bit like it is in the Fabaceae family. I am looking through both possibilities and will re-post if I can identify it!

    Francesca Holinko
    Cambridge, MA

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