Tree Trimming 2012 – 2 photos and some notes. More to come later!

It is tree trimming day here at A Gardener’s Notebook. In between dashes outside to answer questions and shoot video, I am getting a little blogging in. There will be more from today’s work in the next episode of “In the garden…” for sure.

We have mainly older, mature trees on the property, so to try and trim them ourselves is waaaaaaaay out of my league. We have delayed a bit in bringing in the tree trimmers as it can be quite expensive. In fact, we are concentrating on 5 main trees today, but we have already estimated out another visit in a month or so to handle basic pruning on 2 more in the back garden. 

This pruning will open up more of the canopy to allow for a bit more light in all areas of the garden, something that we sorely need. We lost another pine tee in this visit, too. It seems that all of the pines of this species (of which I am unsure) all succumbed to either beetle or some fungal infection around the same time. At this point it doesn’t look like our redwoods are effected, so hopefully that will remain so.

I am very happy to be able to get some of my property line trees cleaned up so they are not impinging on the neighbors house and yard. I try to be the best neighbor possible and although they had not complained, I was unhappy with how overgrown the trees had become. To paraphrase Robert Frost, “Good [trees] make good neighbors.” (LAUGH)

Tree Trimming 2012

Tree Trimming 2012

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