Now that Google Maps and Google Earth have such great satellite and aerial imagery, I am revisiting some posts that I made many years ago. I am dubbing this series, The Gardens of LA. Here I will highlight one of the many gardens that can be visited — or at least viewed — throughout our area. I will also be branching out to gardens around the world eventually.

Huntington Library, Art Center and Gardens, Pasadena, CA

#2 Huntington Library, Art Gallery and Botanical Gardens

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Arguably one of the best known gardens of all of Southern California, the Huntington is indeed amazingly impressive. Originally the home of Henry Huntington, railroad magnate, Huntington Gardens now covers over 200 acres in gardens of different styles. My favorite is the Japanese Garden, which can be seen on the oval on the left of the of the map above. (Use the + icon to zoom in on the map) although the cactus and succulent garden is also quite striking. One can easily lose and entire day wandering the grounds and always find something amazing to view.

Link: Huntington Library, Art Galley and Botanical Gardens

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