There are some food experiences you can only have if you grow your own and I was introduced to another one a few days ago on our last days in Sicily with family.

I had noticed and photographed these almonds growing on Serafino’s tree earlier. A few days ago, though, I noticed that the pods had started to dry and open. When I mentioned this to Serafino and Francesco, they immediately asked if we would like to harvest them. They knew something I never new — fresh, white almonds, fresh out of the husk are a delicacy. We picked the open pods and then Francesca used a hand piece of lava from Etna to break open the shells.

The almonds were amazing — tasting like the epitome of what an almond should taste like. Of course, you won’t see almonds like this in any store. They have to be caught at exactly the right movement — say when you are wandering through the garden on a warm, Sicilian morning.

Keep your eyes open for such opportunities and you will be rewarded with some amazing taste opportunities.

Opening almond shells with a piece of lava from Etna

Almonds (Mandorla) on the tree Almonds in husk and raw almond out of shell Serafino and Francesca harvest almonds Almond in husk and shell