I came across another great Twitter chat today in the form of #treechat. There was lots of good information and discussion. Today’s topic was tree planting and early care.

With so many cities giving away free trees these days, if really pays to know as much as you can about the trees before you plant them. The best way to have a happy experience with your trees is to pick the correct one for your climate, location in your garden and growing habit.

You can find out more about #treechat on the #treechat Facebook page. Transcripts of the complete chat are also available after each event.


On Twitter-based chats…

For most Twitter chats, such as #gardenchat and #treechat, the best way to participate is by using the Tweetchat web site. Once you log in with your Twitter account, Tweetchat automatically scrolls the conversation and adds the hashtag (such as #gardenchat) to each message you send. Tweetchat really makes the experience painless.