Watch in full screen to see the bees at bottom of sign.

Lots of activity today at my local wild bee hive that lives in a sign post next to a busy section of Van Nuys Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. Not sure exactly what is happening. Bees seemed more agressive and agitated than usual. Perhaps there was some robbing going on. There is a lot in bloom right now so they might have simply been taking advantage of the big harvest. I have seen them bearding out during the hot summer days, but this activity looked different.

2 thoughts on “Video: Activity of local wild bee hive”

    1. Always a possibility. It was a pretty hot day, though, so they might have just been “bearding” to stay cool. Hive is still there, too. Too high for Backwards Beekeepers to reachand the owners have, surprisingly, left it alone.

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