# 1 Bosmere K767 Garden Compost Bin

I have had 2 of these bins for the past 8-9 seasons and they are going strong. I was lucky enough to get mine at a discount via our local recycling and composting program, but I see them listed here on Amazon.com and you might be able to find them locally, too.

Assembly was easy and fast and they have had held up very well to the weather, our beating Southern California sun and even the critters. I have added a large rock on top of each one to help keep the critters out, but that is all.

I am not an active composter — turning and tending my bins — but these composters continue to produce an almost continuous supply for my garden. Every so often I open the bottom door and take out the finished compost. The rest of the material then sinks to the bottom, leaving space on top for more material to be added. Couldn’t be easier!

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