Planning for London and Cardiff
Image by dewelch via Flickr

My family is traveling to the south UK in mid-June and we are looking for some interesting side trips to take instead of spending our entire time in the The City.

I am interested in visiting some of the wonderful gardens to be found in the UK and wanted to ask you what you might recommend?

We are spending the first 3 days of our trip in Cardiff, so my wife can present a paper at the “Investigating Torchwood Conference held at the Atrium. After that, we are not decided yet on whether we will make a few stops across the south or head straight back to London. Friends have recommended visiting Bath and Oxford, so far.

We won’t be driving, but relying on the rail system, so sites near to the rail stations, or those with easy connections, are probably the best bet for us. Please let us know what you might recommend.

Also on this trip, I am looking to meet up with people and groups who might be interested in hearing about the topics that are the focus of my blogs and podcasts. These include gardening (of course), New Media and Podcasting and also careers and career planning. You’ll find links to all my other blogs and podcast on my home page. If you have a group that might be interested in a presentation, or even an informal meetup for dinner and drinks, please let me know. I don’t want to take up my entire vacation, but I love immersing myself in a new place and this seems a great way to do it.

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