Elsewhere Online: What Web Writers Can Learn from the Writer’s Strike

This great article from CopyBlogger lays out exactly what I have been telling people for months, (See I am not podcaster, I am a producer!, September 20, 2007). Well worth reading the entire article using the link below.

What Web Writers Can Learn from the Writer’s Strike


…The only way to have any control and autonomy in Hollywood as a writer is if you are also the producer or director. Television writers have it better than film scribes, but I had no interest in writing for television, and they remain at the mercy of the business types….

…The point for you is this. If you’re freelancing for online producers or blogging for hire, you’re setting yourself up to be exploited. No wait… you are being exploited.

The new media producers are analogous to the Hollywood producers, and they’re the ones who are making the real money while you work for them. Why?…

(Via Copyblogger.)

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