New blog series — “Do It Like Doug!”

Self portrait

I am planning planning on starting a new series here on the blog and in my Twitter feed — “Do It Like Doug!”.

I often have people ask how I do everything that I do – from writing my Career Opportunities blog and podcast, to organizing CareerCamp, to speaking at conferences, to computer consulting. The fact is, over the years I have developed a series of tools and ideas that help keep me on track, no matter how many things are vying for my attention.

“Do It Like Doug!” will focus on my tools, tips and tricks how you can use them in your own life and work. They won’t all be easy, but I know from personal experience that they can help rein in the craziness in your life and turn it into something productive.

Watch this space, and my Twitter account (@douglaswelch) for upcoming [DoIt!] messages.

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