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LA Friday Coffee at Gelato Bar - 07
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While it was great to have family in town and show them around LA, it is nice to have a bit more peace and quiet at home so I can throw myself back into the world with vigor. The combination of CareerCampLA and the visit took my focus off of everything else I try to do on a daily and weekly basis.

LA Friday Coffee

On that note, I just scheduled this week’s LA Friday Coffee at Crepe Xpress here in Sherman Oaks. It is close to home for use, so that makes things easier, but it also has some really great food. I know you might assume this from its food court location, but it is really good…and not just Doug good either. Rosanne likes it a lot, too!

Join us this Friday for some coffee, crepes and casual conversation. Remember, this isn’t a tech meetup, per se. We talk about all sorts of things. This week is almost sure to include discussion of the new season of Dr. Who that premieres tonight on BBC America, the Apple iPad (with some hands-on at the Apple Store, perhaps), plans for summer and more.

More info on LA Friday Coffee

CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley)

Hot on the heels of the tremendously successful CareerCampLA, a group is forming to organize CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley). Get in on the ground floor. Join the organizers mailing list. Check out the blog.

What’s happening in your world? Drop me a line in the comments or elsewhere and let me know!

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