Questions I answered recently…

I get a lot of questions every day and here is a selection from the last few days…

  • Q: How do I undo an edited iPhoto picture?
  • A: Right-click (Control-click) the photo and select “Revert to Original”

  • Q: Trying to find a particular song that isn’t in iTunes store?
  • A: Do a google search on the title of the song, artist and the the tag MP3


  • Q: Antispam program for MS Outlook
  • A: It may sound like a dramatic change, but moving to Gmail, hosted or not, brings along an excellent antispam filter as well as other benefits.

  • Q: FTP instruction and linking to files once they are uploaded
  • A: Worked with client via remote control

  • Q: How do I release and edited version of a podcast I just posted?
  • A: The original podcast will have been downloaded by those that grabbed it automatically. If you want them to receive a new, revised file, you need to post a new blog post with a slightly renamed MP3 file to insure that those people will receive the updated file in iTunes. There is no way to recall the podcasts already downloaded, though.

  • Q: How do I recover data from old computers that have been in my garage for 2 years?
  • A: In most cases it isn’t worth it. Not matter how important you think that data is, it is not worth the time, money and trouble to recover it now. The machines may not boot or no other computer may be able to read the data. The best solution is always to migrate data off of old computers as soon as you retire them. Every day you wait makes it much more likely that you will never get or use the data.

  • Q: What do I do when my Mac won’t printer to my printer?
  • A: In this specific case, there were items trapped in the print queue and when the printer was reconnected nothing would print. Remove the trapped print queue items, toggle the power on the printer and then try to print again. I have often found this to work. Even when the printer is re-attached the print jobs will not print automatically and gum up the works until they are removed.

  • Q: How to i remove an item from my Outlook Outbox that constantly tries to resend? My friends are getting multiple copies of the email over and over.
  • A: You will often not be able to delete an outgoing message while Outlook is trying to send it. The message is locked. You need to click the message in the lower-right corner of Outlook that says “Sending XXX…” there will be an option to stop sending and receiving. Once that is stopped, you should be able to delete the message in the Outbox.

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