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Lavender via Instagram

What is your favorite scent or herb? Leave a comment and share! Lavender We have quite a bit of lavender here in the garden. My wife loves it both for its look and its lovely scent and it grows well in the Mediterranean climate here in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.  I haven’t purchased […]

Saucer Magnolia/Magnolia × soulangeana via Instagram

What is your favorite springtime flower? Leave a comment and share! Saucer Magnolia/Magnolia × soulangeana Each Los Angeles winter/spring these saucer magnolia trees throughout the neighborhood spring to life. They are striking for a number of reasons but I think the main reason is the fact the the flowers appear of bare limbs, before their leaves. […]

Purple Power via Instagram

Do You Like Purple flowers? Yes/No? Leave a comment and share! Purple Power via Instagram Purple has always been one of my favorite colors and this deep purple hits the spot perfectly.  I also appreciate the simple petal arrangement. You don’t always need double or triple blooms to make something look amazing. Sometimes that just feels […]

Waiting for Spring via Instagram

What will you do with your garden this Spring? Leave a comment and share! Waiting for Spring In the Orto Botanico In the Brera District of Milan ceramic pots wait for the Spring and new seedlings. There is such beauty in simplicity sometimes and these pots attracted my attention the minute I spotted them. We were […]

Daisies in the sun via Instagram

What are your favorite flower colors? Leave a comment and share! Daisies in the sun I have planted — or tried to plant — daises like this in the past, but they don’t seem to like the environment here in the garden — either in the ground or in pots.  So, like many plants and flowers, […]

Is it Spring yet? via Instagram

What are your favorite flower colors? Leave a comment and share! Is it Spring yet? Our Southern California winter is more like Spring in other areas of the country. It has been, thankfully, raining quite a bit so the roses are recovering with much green growth and the bulbs — snow flakes, paperwhites, and daffodils — […]

Pomegranate Harvest 2018 via Instagram

Pomegranate Harvest 2018 Some online research says that once you see the skin cracking on a few of the fruit, they are probably all ready to harvest. These seemed to show the classic signs, so down they came. I have been munching the seeds each time I pass them on the counter top.  Our tree […]

First Bulbs Appear In The Garden

First Bulbs Appear In The Garden Here in Los Angeles, our bulbs — in this case, paperwhites — start to rise in the Winter, usually after our first good rain. Still waiting on that rain though.  Follow A Gardener’s Notebook on Facebook  and Follow Read more on this topic: Photo: Bulbs a-rising 2012 The bulbs […]