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Saucer Magnolia/Magnolia × soulangeana via Instagram

Saucer Magnolia/Magnolia × soulangeana

Each Los Angeles winter/spring these saucer magnolia trees throughout the neighborhood spring to life. They are striking for a number of reasons but I think the main reason is the fact the the flowers appear of bare limbs, before their leaves. For a week or so they are simply a tree of large colorful flowers attracting your eye at every turn. 

I don’t have one myself, but I make sure to enjoy my neighbors trees for the short time they are in flower. 

When I have a chance, I stop by our local Armstrong Garden store to see what is in-season, new, and perhaps, on sale. 
Even when I don’t end up buying something, it is a good opportunity to take some photos to share here and on my garden blog, A Gardener’s Notebook.

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