Historical Seed Catalogs: 1916 seed catalog by Mills Seed Company (1916) – 45 in a series

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OUR GREETING- TO YOU THIS SEASON OF 1916 brings within your reach the largest and finest assortment that we have ever offered in things that grow for people’s nse. Whether grains, vegetables or small fruits, or whether it be the decorative and artistic, such as lawn grass, flowering shrubs, plants or vines, both for growing’ outside in the sunshine and rain, or for grow- ing inside to impart an air of warmth and cheer during the winter months while the rest of nature is asleep, we are prepared to furnish at reasonable prices and no house can give better service than we are prepared to give.

TO SHOW YOU THE FROFIT FROM A “MILLS” GARDEN, we are permitted to quote the following unsolicited letter from a customer:

Mills Seed Co., Washington, Iowa.

Gentlemen: I have used your seeds for four years

and have had the greatest success. Last year I raised
a large garden for my own use and also sold over $100.00
worth. I recommend “Mills” seeds to any one wanting
good fertile seeds. Yours truly,


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