Update 20130523: After poking around a bit, could this be an Enkianthus of some type? I am totally unfamiliar with this plant/tree, but it seems similar to photos I have found online. — Douglas

I am taking more interest in the plants growing here in the neighborhood, so when I come across and unknown plant — or in this case — tree, I knew I had to ask for your help. Any ideas? It is blooming right now here in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Here are 2 photos of the flowers and leaves. If needed, I can go back and get some further pictures of the trunk and bark.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!



2 thoughts on “Tree Identification Help – What do you think it is? – Enkianthus?”

  1. It is beautiful that is all I know. I will watch to see if anyone knows I would like to know for myself. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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