I have decided to start spending a certain budget each month on improving the garden (~$100) and then blogging about it here on A Gardener’s Notebook. March starts the first month in the series and I am beginning by trying to “re-green” the back garden, which has suffered with over planting and too much shade since we first moved in 16 years ago. I didn’t get pictures of everything this time, but I’ll make sure to do better in future installments, including labels and such.

Garden budget 2013023a

It is a little hard to tell from the receipt (and I think the checker might have missed some items), but here is what I picked up this month.

  • False Aralia: 5 gallon
  • Schefflera: 5 gallon
  • Aucuba: 1 gallon (2)
  • Worm Castings (2)
  • Watering Can
  • Basil (2)
  • Nasturtium Seeds

Here are some photos of the plants installed in the garden. Click for larger images.


You can see installing these plants in the video below: