Tree limbs damaged by high winds

Here is some excellent advice on how to deal with damaged trees you may have on your property, especially after Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast of the US or after our blustery Santa Ana Winds here in Southern California.

First Aid Procedures for Trees
Post-Storm Damages & Treatment

CHAMPAIGN, IL – The trail of damages after a major storm truly reveals the power of Mother Nature, and the remains can be devastating, especially for trees. Unprotected, trees are vulnerable to the storm’s damages and the wounds might look fatal. However, even though major branches may be broken, foliage might be shredded, or the bark may be torn and gouged, trees have an amazing ability to recover from even the most severe cases.

First aid for damaged trees after a major storm can help trees recover, urges the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Follow a few simple tree first aid procedures immediately after a major storm:


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