Video: What Douglas Dug – Show 001 – Podcast

This episode of “What Douglas Dug” is the first in a series of shows where I highlight some of my most recently shared gardening items to my TwitterFacebook and Pinterest accounts. When I share something I don’t often get much of a chance to tell you WHY I found something interesting or useful, so I am taking this opportunity to show some items to you along with a bit of commentary.

What Douglas Dug 001

Please let me know what items you find most useful in your garden.

If you don’t see the YouTube video above, please view the What Douglas Dug – Show 001 directly on the AGN web site or YouTube.

2 Responses to “Video: What Douglas Dug – Show 001 – Podcast”

  1. Great tips and interesting ideas from other resources. I think I’ll try the sweet potatoes or potatoes.