Tb gas blowerThomas Lewalski was the randomly chosen winner of the Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC gas leaf blower in the contest that ended on Christmas Day.

We have contacted Thomas and sent his information on to Troy-Bilt so they can send him his leaf blower.

I love being able to give away equipment like this. Watch the blog, Facebook and Twitter pages for more giveaways in the future.

You can keep track of what is happening on A Gardener’s Notebook in a variety of ways. Chose those that add the most value for you!

This post is part of my association with Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6 program. All opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “WINNER: Troy-Bilt Gas Leaf Blower”

  1. Dear Doug,
    Was just visiting the site and wanted to share my THANKS as the winner of the Troy-Bilt leaf blower back in late December 2011. Had to wait about four months before I could actually give it a real working evaluation in late April 2012. It was…and still remains the absolute BEST blower I’ve ever operated, having had three previous gas and two electric units!
    It’s been 100% totally reliable for start-up, operation, POWER, and doesn’t quit until the fuel supply is completely gone. I often just use it on warmed-up idle to do the driveway leaves and concrete walk and steps areas. If I speed it up, just a little, it actually blows the debris in less controllable whirlwinds so I have learned to take it easy on hard surfaces. On the other hand, when I have to remove built-up piles of leaves across the grass and against my fencing for gather-up, I set the throttle at half-lock and “air-rake” the masses into huge piles.
    BUT, the best thing has been the initial start-up reliability! Once I “learned” how to follow the instructions, both for cold and for warm restart, and WHEN that needed to be “compensated” for just a bit, it has never led to the frustration and fatigue that my other models have always given me!
    So, many thanks to YOU, personally, and “A Gardener’s Notebook,” for making one of my big chores (13 old oaks, 12 pines, 3 maples, and an adjacent wooded area with prevailing winds in my direction) less fatiguing and frustrating!

    Dr Thom Lewalski

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