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from the Career Opportunities Podcast

Shattered and Reformed: What happens when an industry shatters?

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I have spent the last four weekends speaking at conferences, and speaking with many people, in California and Arizona. Despite being a bit tired from the long drives and long hours, I am also energized. It is amazing how exciting and enlightening it can be to talk to people outside your normal area of expertise. Too often, we find ourselves in an echo chamber where we hear the same thoughts, the same advice, the same voices again and again. If you want to build your career, it is important to step outside your neighborhood and see what others may be doing.

Over the past few years, I have thought that various industries in America were overdue for a “reboot”. Sometimes the only way for an industry to recover and grow is to dismantle — to shatter them — and then reform the bits into a new, and hopefully more robust whole. While I am sure it sounds frightening, I also see it as a requirement. We can continue plodding down the road to failure or take the future into our hands and create something new. How does this destruction and recreation effect you, the careerist, trying to develop the career you deserve? In some fundamental ways you can often only react to the changes that are coming, but you can also do your part to adapt and prepare for this change. As is always the case with this column and podcast, your career is about you, your decisions and your success. That said, changes in the industry often start with changes within ourselves. 

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