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Garden Alphabet: Nandina

Link: Nandina on Wikipedia.org Photo posted via Instagram Read more on this topic: Garden Alphabet: Brugmansia Nandina berries Brugmansia blooms Foxglove in Kensington Gardens Bulbs arising

Garden Alphabet: Brugmansia

Photo posted via Instagram Link: Brugmansia on Wikipedia Read more on this topic: Brugmansia blooms Brugmansia seen on my walk Photo: Acanthus in the garden via Instagram Photo: Rose in the garden today via Instagram Photo: Yellow Hibiscus via Instagram

Merry Christmas Photo

via Instagram Read more on this topic: Photo: Eucalyptus bark Don’t dump that Christmas Tree! Video: A Welch Family Christmas 2012 Audio: 5th Annual Live Reading of A Christmas Carol

Photo: Eucalyptus bark

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Bulbs arising

via Instagram Read more on this topic: Photos: Daffodils Arising The bulbs have arrived in the garden again Video: Planting daffodil bulbs Photo: Bulbs a-rising 2012

Pruners Ready to go to work

via Instagram   * A Gardener’s Notebook is a member of Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6, but all opinions here are mine alone. Read more on this topic: Mini-review: Troy-Bilt Hand Tools – Pruners New Troy-Bilt tools to try – Battery Pole Trimmer and Hedge Trimmers WINNER: Troy-Bilt Gas Leaf Blower Look what I got in the mail! […]