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Waterfall/Rivulet, BioTrek Ethnobotany Garden, Cal Poly Pomona via Instagram

Waterfall/Rivulet, BioTrek Ethnobotany Garden, Cal Poly Pomona

A peaceful scene in the garden—One of several gardens on the Cal Poly Pomona Campus. It is amazing how calming it can be to watch and listen to falling water, no matter how small the source. I think it has something to do with the chaotic nature of the flow. It is unpredictable and so it holds our attention.

From Cal Poly Pomona web site…

“The Rain Bird BioTrek Project is an educational experience for visitors of all ages that emphasizes the need to share knowledge, values, and behaviors that support sustainability on a finite Earth. In its greenhouse, gardens, and stations, it provides interactive educational connections to the tropical rainforest, California’s indigeneous plants and people, and other ancient and present day habitats.” 

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