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Bougainvillea in the neighborhood

Bougainvillea in the neighborhood

Spotted along one of my usual neighborhood walks.

After living in the neighborhood for almost 33 years, I have become familiar with the blooming season of most of the trees and plants. This tropical plant is popular here, although it can be susceptible to frost damage on the 1 or 2 nights each year when we get a hard freeze. It is a tropical plant and although Los Angeles is typically warm enough, we do get significant cold snaps. 

The flower bracts of bougainvillea always seem almost TOO bright to be real. They seem to reflect the light in unique ways that almost makes them glow. 

I had one bougainvillea on the property when we moved in, but was placed badly and never failed to grab or scratch us as we went down our alley. Still I can enjoy them, at a distance in other neighbors gardens. 

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