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Amaranth (?), Orto Botanico di Brera, Milano, Italia via Instagram

Amaranth (?), Orto Botanico di Brera, Milano, Italia

I had no idea what to expect when visiting this garden hidden away in Milan. I checked it out on Google maps but the foliage hid most of the garden from sight. Still, it seemed intriguing enough for a visit and we were going to be nearby at the Museo del Risorgimento anyway.

The usual entrance, through the Museum of Fine Arts, was closed so it took a bit of walking to get around to another entrance. This led us through a very swanky district and offered up some more great photos, so it was worth it.
The garden was neither small nor large but “just right.” Most everything could be observed from the entrance but paths led here and there into an amazing number of specific areas, including some for edible plants like this amaranth.
The lovely purple flowers and seeds drew me close automatically. It is a sizable plant, so it made quite an impression, even from a distance. Even in the shade the colors shown out brightly.

I was so interested, I returned to the garden a second time when I was in my own and @drrosannewelch was attending the SRN Conference. The mosquitos were fierce within the shady and damp environment but I persevered for another hour or so of photography.

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