My fellow Saturday6 member, Kylee Baumlee, is giving away one of these cool compost buckets. This could be the one that finally meets all my criteria. I have been making-do with this container or another, but this system seems like it might make my composting life just a bit easier.

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Full Circle Kitchen Composter: Review and Giveaway!


So I started over, reviewed the list of things you can compost, and after about a week with no smell and no fruit flies, I declared the Full Circle Fresh Air Kitchen Composter a success.  The bags they use are fairly tough bags of this kind, but you should be careful when handling them and not be too rough with them. They “breathe,” which allows any heat build-up to escape, as well as excess gases which may form as scraps begin to decompose. When it’s full (or sooner), you just take the bag out and throw it in the compost bin, bag and all.


Full circle compost

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