My fellow Saturday6 blogger, Kylee Baumle over at Our Little Acre has a great story on getting started with her own worm composter. It sounds like it was quite an adventure, but one that is destined to return great rewards.

I haven’t really investigated vermicomposting much as I have so much of all types of green and brown garden waste that I simply add them to my standard top-down composters in the back yard.

Kylee worms

Worms Eat My Garbage … and Then They Poop
from Our Little Acre by Kylee Baumle


The Worm Factory 360 arrived about a couple of weeks ago and I unboxed it and looked everything over. I read the manual that came with it and started getting it ready for worms. The worms don’t come with it, so you have to either find a local source or order them online. I ordered them from Nature’s Footprint and was surprised at how much worms cost. (About $35 for a pound – that’s about 1000 worms – which works out to about 3½ cents per worm. I found that to be a typical price.)


I did a video with a local vermicoposting company back in 2010, They had a booth at one of our local farmer’s markets and I took the opportunity to talk to one of the owners on video.

Can’t see the video above? View “What is vermicomposting? by” on YouTube