My fellow Saturday6 blogger,”Meems”, has some great advice and reminders for gardeners new and old on the Troy-Bilt web site today. — DouglasĀ 

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Gardening Tips for Beginners and Reminders for Veterans

By Cynthia “Meems” Glover,

Being a gardener has countless benefits. Sowing a tiny seed into the earth, watering it with faith that a sprout will shoot out of the ground, and then nurturing that plant with the care it needs until it matures is nothing short of adventurous. Successful gardening endeavors make our hearts swell with satisfaction and urge us forward to the next effort.

As a teacher of patience, diligence, commitment and resolve, a garden will hand out these valuable virtues to the gardener as they are earned. Celebrate the victories and learn from the upsets. Every disappointment becomes a lesson in personal growth; each success a humble reminder of what we’ve learned and where we began.

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