I have been usingĀ Flickr to share my photos since 2003 and have over 5,300 photos there which have been viewed over 33,000 times. I’ll be re-visiting some of my favorite pictures and also those most popular with other Flickr users.

Matiija Poppy

Matilija poppy

I took this shot at the Theodore Payne Foundation of Wildflowers and Native Plants in Sun Valley, CA. I was there looking at their nursery for natives to plant in my own garden and found many of these springing up naturally in the area. The crepe paper like look of their petals almost makes them look like artificial plants, but the large honey bee in the center of this shot shows that it is indeed real.

These poppies can grow quite large. This one was about the size of a dinner plate from one edge of the white petals to the other.