My wife, Rosanne, has greatly wanted a new garden bed to grow some food products. Since this is a good time to be starting (ok, maybe a little late) cold weather crops like kale and such, this morning we brought out the electric cultivator and turned an old rose bed into the new food bed. I will have a couple posts about this in the coming days, but here is the first picture of the freshly turned bed. The little Troy-Bilt electric cultivator always amazes me with its effectiveness. You wouldn’t think something so small could turn the soil so well.

Newly turned rose bed for cold weather crops

We had one broken sprinkler head about half way up, but luckily I was ale to fix it with some parts I had around the shed. The entire front yard is made of roses, azaleas and other plantings, so the lawn sprinklers were put up on risers to retrofit them to water this area. As you can probably see, though, I converted this bed to use a soaker hose when we first moved in and that will be the primary source of water for anything we grow in this bed.

As a small start to this new bed, I plopped in a basil plant that had been struggling in its pot. Hopefully it will find this area much more to its liking.

Basil plant from pot

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