I took a few minutes today to get the last 30 or so daffodil bulbs in the ground. We are expecting a significant storm over the weekend, so it is the perfect time to finish up that job. While I was out putting these bulbs in the ground I saw our first bulbs of the season popping up.

First Bulbs

First Bulbs 2011

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These are probably snowbells. I think these are typically the first bulbs to appear, but there is a slight chance they are paperwhites. The daffodils come up much later, so I should be ok getting them planted just today.

A little painting project

We are also planning on doing a little painting repair or, I should say, having someone do some painting repair for us. The painter was out today for an estimate We only need a small area painted. There is a selection of shingles on one part of the house which are peeling and are now more visible since we removed the large pine tree that stood in front of them. We are taking the opportunity to add some accent color to the house by painting this area a dark red, leaving the fake shingle white. You can’t see it in the picture, but the garage door on the opposite end of the house will also be painted the same color to keep a little balance in the coloring.

Here is a (badly Photoshopped (LAUGH)) before and after. The red will be much darker, I think than this, rather weak salmon color.

House color update before House color update after

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Pumpkins, maybe?

Finally, we are trying something with our last, rather rotten, pumpkin. Since the pine tree was removed and the stump ground out there is quite a mound of shredded wood and soil where the trunk had been. I dug out some space there, added a bit of homemade compost and chucked in the pumpkin. A few quick slices with the shovel opened it up and spread around the seeds. I finished with a topping of more compost and then leveled the area again. Who knows, come Spring we might see a few pumpkins sprout up there.

As part of this tree removal, we were already planning on planting some edibles in this area and an old rose bed that runs along the north side of the front yard. It is one place that gets some sun during the day. This pumpkin planting became the first step in the remodel of this area.

Finally, my picture didn’t come out, but the cherry tomatoes we have growing are just now starting to ripen. I was afraid they wouldn’t ripen at all, but they surprised me. Rosanne should soon be enjoying them in here homemade tomato, olive, spinach, pasta dish that she likes to much.

Keep digging!