4 thoughts on “Brugmansia blooms”

  1. Love seeing the Brugmansia on your website. And…I specifically love seeing the Wikipedia definition that tells me that my plants are really toxic, a hallucenogenic, and deadly!!! Thanks for the info here and today!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your garden and these lovely flowers!

      There are lots of dangerous things in the garden, but only if you do silly things like eating them without knowing what they are. (LAUGH) One of my favorite natives is Deadly Nightshade for its purple flowers.

  2. I see your are in Scotland. Very cool.

    We were in Wales for the first time last June. I plan on getting to Scotland eventually. For now I just live vicariously by watching Beechgrove Garden (SMILE) and now, by reading your blog. I subscribed in Google Reader so I can keep up on what is happening in your garden!

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