I am on a kick to green up the garden this season, even if we are entering the hot part of the year.

To that end, I have recently upgraded some irrigation using soaker hoses and today, on a whim, I planted some nasturtiums (seed packet in picture) in the patio bed outside the back door. It is probably not the best time of the year, but I am running forward full speed ahead. My watering costs are usually not the largest part of my utility bill, so I am ok with a bit more watering this summer as I try to make some changes. That said, I don’t mainly use sprinklers. Every thing is on soaker hoses at the moment, so that helps make the watering as effective as possible.

So, I took a few minutes this evening to carefully plant the seeds. Unlike my typical, sloppy planting methods, I took note of depth and spacing and really tried to make sure I gave them the best chance possible. 9-12 days should show if that was truly the case.