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Dell recalls 990.000 laptop power adapters

This information just came over the wire, so I wanted to get it out to all of you. I have verified this news on Dell's web site, just in case it might have been a scam.

Dell is recalling laptop power adapters (the "brick" that plugs into the wall) of certain models which were manufactured by a particular vendor.

Dell's web site states that "It is possible for the adapters to overheat, which could pose a risk of fire or electrical shock."

I happen to have one of the effected adapters and have already placed my order for a new one through Dell's web site.

If you own a Dell laptop, please click on the web page link listed below to see if your laptop is effected and start the process and get a new adapter delivered as soon as possible.

If you know someone who owns a Dell laptop and might not be aware of this issue, please forward this message to them.

Click here to start the recall process

Thanks to the folks at Engadget.com getting the word out.

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