Women’s History Month – 18 in a series – Chien-Shiung Wu

Distinguished Chinese American experimental physicist and the “First Lady of Physics,” Chien-Shiung Wu is best known for the Wu experiment, which proved that the law of conservation of parity does not hold for weak subatomic interactions. Dr. Wu was an expert in the subject of beta decay and played an important role in the Manhattan Project.

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Women in American History: A Social, Political, and Cultural Encyclopedia and Document Collection Volume One: Precolonial North America To The Early Republic – Dr. Peg A. Lamphier And Dr. Rosanne Welch, Editors

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Why The Monkees Matter Now Available on Kindle Reader, Smartphones and Tablets

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Checking Amazon.com just now, I see that “Why The Monkees Matter” is available for purchase in Kindle format.

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Save the Date: Rosanne Hosts “Women Who Run The Room: A Conversation with Showrunners” – Sat. Aug. 6, 2015

Dr. Rosanne Welch will be hosting this WGA panel discussion sponsored by Stephens College MFA in Television and Screenwriting, where she teaches The History of Screenwriting and Writing the One-Hour Drama.


Women Who Run The Room: A Conversation with Showrunners

Sat, August 6, 2016
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

On this special Saturday event, a panel of female showrunners discusses their experiences of running a room and the impact of increasing female voices in television.


Check back for more panelist announcements.

StephensCollege_PeformingArtsSponsored by Stephens College MFA in Television and Screenwriting.

Doors open at 1:30pm. Event starts at 2:00pm.

All events advertised on our “Events” page are open to anyone who wants to buy a ticket – not just WGA members!

Proceeds benefit the Foundation’s library and archive and other outreach programs.



General Admission Ticket $20.00
WGA Member / Student Ticket $15.00
with Membership card or Student Identification

My Book, “Why The Monkees Matter” on Monkees.NET


Many thanks to Brad over at Monkees.net for all he has done to create a one-stop shop for info about The Monkees online. I’ve used it for years as a way to keep up with both individual and group/reunion concerts — but today I’m also thankful to him for adding a write up about my book to his site.
It truly is a great year to be a Monkees fan!

New Book: Why The Monkees Matter


Transmitting culture transnationally: the characterisation of parents in the police procedural. [Article]

New Review of Film and Television StudiesI’m happy to announce online access to an article I’ve published in the New Review of Film and Television Studies (Taylor & Francis). The piece is called: Transmitting culture transnationally: the characterisation of parents in the police procedural.

It was fun to research and write and I want to send big thanks to my editors Paolo Russo and Lindsay Steenberg, both Senior Lecturers in Film Studies at Oxford Brookes University, for inviting me to contribute and for all the assistance as I researched and wrote the article.

When Paolo (who I met at a Screenwriting Research Network conference at the University of Wisconsin, Madison a few years ago) told me they were collecting pieces about how police procedurals transmit culture, I teasingly said, “Advances in modern forensic science have rendered the procedures on television police procedurals repetitive across the globe”. Well, maybe not in those exact words at that first utterance – but I basically said all cop shows seem so similar, nothing sets them apart anymore — and then, in the wonderful way brainstorming works, I thought that the only characters who keep close to the culture of the country in which the show is created are the parents because they aren’t confined to scientific procedures/they are ruled by emotions. So the article deals discusses parents on cop shows such as Cagney and Lacey (from the U.S.), Inspector Montalbano (from Italy), and Murdoch Mysteries (from Canada) among others.

Advances in modern forensic science have rendered the procedures on police procedurals repetitive across the globe, yet television writers continue to transmit their cultures transnationally via the way these popular television detectives interact with their on screen parents. Case studies will include Inspector Morse (UK, 1987–2000), Il Commissario Montalbano/Inspector Montalbano (Italy, 1999–2015), and Murdoch Mysteries (Canada, 2008–present) with some attention paid to female police officers in US dramas Cagney & Lacey (1981–1988) and Southland (2009–2013). A close reading of the relationship between parents and adult children in these programmes shows parent characters serve many purposes. They expand our knowledge of the main character by helping us understand their moulding, their mentality and their motivations; they provide universal themes; they also offer a chance for stunt casting – a combination that helps transmit the culture of the country of origin to international viewers.

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Outside Warner/Rhino Records with my latest acquisition – The Monkees, “Good Times”

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Good Times
The Monkees 

Why The Monkees Matter Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

Why The Monkees Matter: Teenagers, Television and American Pop Culture

Amazon Pre-Orders Now Available!

I am proud to announce that “Why The Monkees Mattered” is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Pre-Order “Why The Monkees Matter” from Amazon.com

Why The Monkees Matter is now scheduled for publication for Fall 2016, just in time to gift it to your favorite Monkee’s Fans among your friends and family…and, of course, a copy for yourself, too!

I’ll send out more information about the book as it happens. You can also join the Monkees discussion on my Facebook Page, Why The Monkees Matter.

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News: Professors Give American Women Their Own Historic Focus | PolyCentric

It is always fun to work with student journalists – this is a story written by one from CalPoly Pomona about the 4 volume encyclopedia my colleague Peg Lamphier and I co-edited for ABC-CLIO over the last three years – it is now available for pre-order by high school and college libraries (and any individuals who like to college encyclopedias or books about cool women!)

Professors Give American Women Their Own Historic Focus | PolyCentric | Carly Owens


There’s a proverb that says “women hold up half the sky,” a centuries-old homage to the vital role women play.

Cal Poly Pomona Professors Rosanne Welch and Peg Lamphier have compiled those historic feats in a new encyclopedia titled “Women in American History.”

The four-volume set covers pre-colonial history to modern-day feminism.

“It’s women in American history and culture, so we thought about what kind of women don’t normally get into encyclopedias to ensure there was a great diversity expressed,” says Welch, who holds a doctorate in American social history of the 21st century.

Some women who are included in the compilation are ones people may not expect to see in an encyclopedia.

“Lady Gaga hasn’t made many encyclopedias, but her philanthropy and influence on media earned her a place in the book,” Welch says.

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A New Companion For Doctor Who!

This will be all over the internet in a minute – but I wanted so share it here for the folks who have enjoyed so many of my Doctor Who lecture videos.


Michael Nesmith 1994 Interview with Greg Kinnear [Video]

As I try to keep the posts on these pages focused on the television show (since that is the focus of my book) I thought I’d post this link to a 1994 interview of Mike on the Later with Greg Kinnear.

As everyone ponders why Mike hasn’t formally joined this 50th anniversary tour, this interview shows he enjoyed his time on The Monkees, is proud of their work together on Justus, and even claims to have a favorite…

Which one could it be?

You’ll have to watch the video to find out.