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Friday, February 02, 2007

Elsewhere Online: Can You Be Sued for Quitting?

I came across this discussion thread on SlashDot this morning and it brought up some thoughts I have been having for a while.

First, you will need to dig through the comments to find the legal advice the original poster was asking about. The early comments relate more to the issues of "giving notice", etc.

In my past work experience, and I would guess probably yours as well, I have run into a manager who takes every employee move as a personal affront and defection. The fact is, we move from job to job in an effort to build the best career possible. It often has little to do with management or the particular company. Still, manager such as this can make life very difficult.

In this particular case, I can't see any ground for a lawsuit, but I am not a lawyer. It seems that someone was offended by his decision to leave and did what many people do -- grasped at very tenuous legal straws to try and scare and/or retaliate against the employee.

Now, this doesn't mean the threat shouldn't be taken seriously. I would recommend this person seek legal consul immediately, if for no other reason than to allay their fears.

Leaving a job shouldn't be a study in frustration and fear, but some employers will make it so. Protect yourself and don't let anyone bully you.

Can You Be Sued for Quitting?

An anonymous reader asks: "I work at a large hosting company in Texas, and recently decided to go work for a smaller competitor. I had a great relationship with my employer and wanted to leave on good terms, and I hadn't signed any non-compete or employment agreements . I felt my old company had just gotten too large and I didn't like working there anymore, so I gave them two weeks notice in writing. They were really upset when I insisted on leaving and one week into my last two weeks the V.P. of Sales told me the company was suing me for leaving, and they were also suing my new employer for hiring me. I was shocked, and they then escorted me out of the building. Has anybody ever heard of this happening? Do they have any legal basis for suing me?" It shouldn't have to be said that seeking professional legal representation, in such a situation, is the first thing one should do.

(Via Slashdot.)
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